Friends Kick off 2020 Challenge

In the Fall of each year the Friends of the Madison Public Library (Friends) ask their neighbors from all around Madison to support their library. This year is different for everyone. The Friends are reaching out to the community to meet the 2020 Challenge, a new plan to support the library this Fall as an answer to set backs resulting from the pandemic.

In past years the Madison Library was consistently funded at a level of $40,000 to support services programing for all ages, electronic media, technology and furniture. Most recently in 2019 the Friends gifted $67,000 to the Library. The end goal of the 2020 Challenge Campaign is to keep the legacy going at $40,000.

Currently the Friends are reaching out to major donors who responded during difficult times in 2011 to meet the half way mark of the Challenge at $20,000. To date 11 families and individuals have stepped up to meet the goal with leadership donations totaling over $13,000. Thank you!

 In November our request will be mailed and reach out to over 5,000 households in Madison with the hopes that contributions – great and small – will meet or exceed the 2020 Challenge. The Friends (a non-profit, tax-exempt organization) hope you will consider a donation to keep the legacy going and meet the needs of the library in an uncertain time.