Friends at Bottle Hill Day

A Note from Friends President Pam Hogan About Madison’s Bottle Hill Day:

Today’s Bottle Hill Day was the best I can remember! Thanks to all who represented the Friends of the Madison Public Library and worked hard to make the day such a success. Connie Rostiac, Chair of Community Outreach, created signage, acquired promotional offerings, and coordinated the booth logistics. Contributions to the Friends totaled over $400 for purchased books and DVDs and from those who just love the library and made it known. 

Adrienne Novak and Jen Bauman deserve recognition, both as early and late birds, Sharon Silver helped with set up and lent sunshine to push away the morning chill, Peggy Oakes lent her smiling face drawing people in with her positive vibes, Kathy Trombacco engaged people one-on-one about our mission, and Sylvia Luber took photos and advanced interest in the Friends’ organized mini-courses.