Friends of the Madison Public Library Board

Chair: Pam Hogan (2020-2021)

Vice-Chair: TBD

Recording Secretary: Marsha Gepford (2020-2021)

Treasurer: Linda Holm (2020)

Co-Corresponding Secretary/Social Media: Adrienne Novak (2020-2021)

Co-Corresponding Secretary: Jen Bauman (2020)

Communications Chair: Kathy Trombacco (2020-2021)

Community Outreach Chair: Carol Rostiac (2019-2020)

Assistant to Community Outreach: TBD

Volunteers Chair: Peggy Oakes (2019-2020)

Hospitality Chair: Tracey Roth (2019-2020)

Assistant to Hospitality: Sharon Silver (2020)

Events Planning Chair: TBD

Website Coordinator: Colleen Bohensky (2021)

Minicourses at Madison Library Coordinator: Sylvia Luber (2019-2020)

Minicourses at Madison Library Registrar: Rose Mary Dinnhaupt (2019-2020)

Nominating Committee: Appointed each year

Library Director: Lynn Favreau

Friends/Library Liaison: Mary Fevola